“When I started training with Joe, there was an immediate connection. It makes you feel like you are working out with your friend who continuously drives you to be better. He really knows how to tailor his workouts to that of his client’s busy schedules, needs, and nutritional wants. The best part about it is you can see how much passion he truly has for living a healthy lifestyle that encompasses both the body and mind. Not only did it help in making our workouts diverse, it made me push my body with different activities such as HITT training, heavy weight training, meditation, yoga, rock climbing etc. It is never the same with him; he goes above and beyond to critique himself to make his clients happier. Joe continuously builds his knowledge on different training skills, nutrition plans, and learning proper recovery/muscle protection. He gives you the best tools you can use to feel better about yourself while seeing results. I have developed a lot more strength than I have ever had and pushed my body beyond its own goals I had set. I was very surprised with the variety of things my body could accommodate too. It is never the same with him and the best part about his training is he has heart put into it. He genuinely wants to help get you to where you want to be. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Joe and I recommend him without a doubt to anyone looking to open their eyes to the variety of approaches fitness has to offer mentally and physically.”

-Devon DeLaCerda

“THANK YOU for pushing and inspiring me to believe in inner athlete again. I wanted to hit 30 lbs lost before we got on the plane tonight and I did it (barely, but it counts). I started wanting to lose 40 but I may up it to 45. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without you!”

-Debbie Hudgeons