Coach Joe

A certified Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach from DragonDoor Publications, personal fitness coach and fitness director for Stronghorn Fitness – Joe Touchet truly strives to not only better himself as a fitness ambassador and true student of the ancient ideals of the more unconventional methods of strength, but also stop at nothing to ensure that his clients, members and fellow coaches also always aim to be better everyday. Through constant progress in education, application and analysis, his method of coaching has been proven to not only be effective by appropriate to every level of fitness.

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Stronghorn Fitness

Austin’s only kettlebell based workout system using comprehensive programming, functional movements, and community support to achieve daily progress in strength, mobility and endurance.

We pride ourselves on building communities of fitness minded individuals from all backgrounds who come together to motivate and challenge one another to achieve a higher level of health and wellness. Every Sweat Session is kettlebell based and focused on gaining more Mobility Strength and Endurance. We do this by building programs that cycle weekly through Speed, Strength & Stamina workouts and Standards tracking, where we can record and track individual member growth. But that’s only part of the equation. We also hold fitness events, weekly happy hours and holiday celebrations to provide the strong social bonds that reinforce the individual growth and progress in vitality, wellness and longevity.

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