Programming the Big 3: Part 1

So we know that the Big 3 - Swings, Goblet Squats & Get Ups are the foundational movements to Kettlebell Training. Now, these can be put together for a stand alone program by themselves - which we'll dive into in this series - or they can be (should be) integrated into any program. Regardless of how... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics: The HKC Big 3

The HKC Big 3 (Swings, Goblet Squats & Turkish Get Ups)  are the fundamental movements to kettlebell training and because of their high yielding results,  should be included in everyone's fitness tool-box. Here's what the Big 3 consist of and why they are such badasses! The Kettlebell Swing No other movement uses the ballistic power... Continue Reading →

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